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Strabane, Tyrone, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom 

Beautiful images for your most beautiful moments

                           Welcome to my website.

  I am Kasia  and I would like to thank you for taking time for visiting my page.
  My photography style is simple and beautifull with a little bit of magic sprinkled in. I want you to have fun during our time together, To feel at ease… 

  Most importantly, I’ll be working to bring out your true and authentic self. Because when your great - great grandkids are looking back at these photos, they’re not going to be thinking - ‘oh man, look at that great pose!’ or ‘oh girl, that hair is waaaay outta place!’ -- Heck no! They’re going to be thinking about how freakin’ beautiful their family is, and how their love is completely shining through! (Ok, they may be questioning hair trends too.. but that’s not the point. I’m looking at you 1980s.)

  What I’m trying to say is, these are the moments that matter. Your story is what matters. It’s beautiful, and messy, and raw and imperfect - but it’s yours, and it’s real and it’s freaking phenomenal. Let’s capture it with the care and attention to detail it deserves.
  If you are thinking of making a great gift to your close ones and you are thinking about great photos, then please do not hesitate to contact me.
                      How the photoshoot experience works…


  Before booking a portrait photoshoot I always do a phone consultation to learn more about you, what kind of photos might be wanting, and to discuss other aspects like wardrobe and cost.
I will guide you in what outfits to bring and hair and makeup.
Hair and makeup is always available but not required, at an additional cost.


  On the day of the shoot you’ll arrive with your selected clothes and we’ll take a moment to just get to know each other a little more. We’ll hang up the clothes on a rack and take a look through them. The shoot itself lasts about 2 hours.   


  During the shoot it will be more relaxed than any other photoshoot experience you might have had. I want to capture you so I do everything I can to make sure you feel safe and able to be yourself. I will guide you through the entire process, there’s really nothing you have to “do” except trust me. I guarantee we will get stunning images that you will love.


   After the shoot, we will schedule a photo ordering appointment that will take place a couple of days later over a Zoom session. During these 2 days I will hand-pick the absolute best images from your shoot and you’ll have the opportunity to view the beautiful selection of images and decide which ones you would like to purchase.
Once you’ve made your decision, I will then retouch your purchased images (and have them printed if order prints) and have them ready for you within 2 weeks”
  FAQs - You Asked, I’ve Answered! 

  I want to do this but I’m very nervous
Every single person is nervous to have their photo taken. It’s normal. It is my job to create a space where you will feel completely safe to be yourself. There is no pressure, no expectations.
 Where will the photoshoot take place?
The photoshoot will be at our beautiful home studio in downtown Strabane. Occasionally I also will go on location to do shoots as well, It really all depends what the client wants.

What if I think I need to lose 10 lbs before booking my shoot?
This is one of the most common things we hear and it’s proven to be the same over and over again - You are perfect for this experience, right now, as you are. I will make sure you look amazing.

What about hair and makeup?
Usually men don’t need hair and makeup. However, it is available upon request for an additional fee. For Women, hair and makeup is always available for an additional fee and recommended, however you are welcome to do your own.

What if I have no idea how to pose?
It’s my job to direct you and make sure you look incredible. Your job is to just have fun.

I don’t think I’m photogenic so why would I do this?
The idea of being photogenic is a myth. I go beyond this idea to something called “soulgenic”. I capture your soul - the very essence of who you are. Every single person on the planet is soulgenic and I am  on a mission to prove it, one human at a time.
Some of the most beautiful photographs you see on this site were taken of people who were convinced they were’t photogenic. It’s my job to really see you and to capture the true you. We are pretty sure you’ll fall in love with the person you see looking back in your photographs.