-Free Family Portrait Session to create precious memories

Inspired by my own and my mother’s experiences I decided to commit my time and talent and offer something from myself to this incredibly important cause. For every child (up till 21 years old) facing losing their parent to terminal cancer, I’d love to offer a free family photo session (including free digital images). There are no words in this world capable of describing the anguish of this loss, there are however little things that can bridge the path through the grief and I believe family photographs are one of those things. Cherished memories sealed in the most beautiful tangible form to treasure and share with loved ones for years to come. Something precious to keep close to the heart as life continues.

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-The importance of a family portrait

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I never got to know my grandmother Rozalia, she passed away when my mum was only 11 years old. It was incredibly painful for my mum to grow up without a single photo of her mother. Only recently this photograph was found in another family member’s album sitting in the attic for years, and after hours spent on restoring this photo in Photoshop my mum could finally breathe with relief and I could see my grandmother for the very first time! I guess I don’t have to tell you how emotional this moment was for both me and my mum, and it got us thinking about what would she have told us around the time this photo was taken.


 “I was 42 when it all happened. I was an incredibly happy and accomplished wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. It was 1960 and that year cervical cancer took everything away from me. My beloved daughter Anna was only 11 years old when I passed away. Today my sweet Anna is 75 and always cries when she talks about me. It took 60 years before she saw our whole family in one photo for the first time. 60 years! Today my granddaughter is 47 and my grand granddaughter is 18! Can you believe that! And this is the first time they saw my face.”




People often think that photos are something to enjoy now in the present moment. I believe Family photos acquire true value with time though. They are our jewels of the past and priceless heirlooms to pass on to generations. If terminal cancer of your parent became your reality too, please let me capture your beloved family and seal these precious memories for you. Having these family portraits is one thing you will never regret. You can contact me directly here https://www.kasiagorskiphotography.com/contact and we will discuss all the details and arrange a suitable day and time for your family session. If you’re close with a family who is going through the torment of terminal cancer right now, please do let them know about me and this offer. Chances are they will appreciate this more than anything! They can get in touch through my website, and I will be delighted to discuss everything with them.